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Let's face it, I'm pretty funny. But who cares? Not you, nor anyone at all, if my Google Adsense report is any indicator. Still, here we are. I know you're weary, but we've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow? Let's spend the time together before it all falls apart sensibly chucking at Mr. Salve's searing wit and devil may care attitude, shall we?


March 2018

First, I guranteed a 300% return and I delivered with Reddit's Trade of the Year:

2nd: I take KALCIFY to wash away the stench of living in Trump's trailer park 'Merica.

3rd: Bob the Builder is obviously a dystopia. we should envy the dead.

4th: The movie Broadcast News presages the Mueller investigation:

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5th: Only a Swine would vote for Trump or the GOP:

6th: Look at what a good and encouraging dad Donnie is! Like traitor like sons.


7th: Donnie was told by his babysitters DO NOT CONGRATULATE Putin. He did

anyway, because Putin got that thicc compromat.

8th: I just want to help the abhorables do better on their SATs!

9th: Got to start calling him Donnie Dustbin.

10th: Demanded pedophile Donald Trump to stop molesting the United States.

Kevin J Salveson is the founder of Ideas Million Dollar.


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