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Let's face it, I'm pretty funny. But who cares? Not you, nor anyone at all, if my Google Adsense report is any indicator. Still, here we are. I know you're weary, but we've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow? Let's spend the time together before it all falls apart sensibly chucking at Mr. Salve's searing wit and devil may care attitude, shall we?


February 2018

1st: Donnie Dumphole got mad at somebody. Shocked!

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2nd: RIP Ted Knight!

3rd: MilliondollarIdea for a book: Demtopia!

4th: I volunteer to pay Trump's taxes for a year:


5th: Fifi Renders judgement on the credibility of the Republican party:

6th: Handcuffs for Nunes, and not in a sexy pee pee tape way either:

7th: It's all possibly a product of :STD following his personal Vietnam involving the 

fear of vaginas. The Studio 54 killing fields left so many damaged survivors.

8th: My bar is going to be called Mother's Basement!

9th: Republicans are going out with the Tide:

10th: New IdeasMillionDollar Movie Pitch: 

Kevin J Salveson is the founder of Ideas Million Dollar.


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