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An excerpt from the forthcoming diatribe
by Kevin James



 “Outside of Germany people often wonder at the palpable fraudulence of Nazi propaganda, the stupid incredible exaggerations, the ludicrous reticence concerning what is generally known. Who can be convinced by it? They ask. The answer is that it is not meant to convince but to impress. It addresses emotion and fantasy. Nazi propaganda seeks to create in our minds tenacious ideas and fantasies.”

-- Sebastian Haffner, “Germany: Jekyll and Hyde” (1940)


Let me confess right up front: I'm a simple man.

No one pays me to consult on their secret psy-ops and I don't ever get on conference calls of any kind, thank god. Louise Mench wouldn't let me join the Scooby Gang even if she knew who I was in the slightest (she doesn't), and even if I had my own flashlight and food supply.


Meanwhile, Scaramucci is probably actually smarter than me, truth be told. I heard him name check Cicero on TV.

No, what I do is write.  I'm a writer. Yet I have to admit something. The sad truth is I can't even do that anymore. Why? Because all I do these days is type. 

I type diatribes. I harangue. I rant. I rave. I rail against injustice and the dumbing down of the American public and sometimes the decline in the overall quality of modern customer service. It's like a part-time job I do it so much, though I'm kinda a slacker when it comes to showing up on time to work.

In fact, I rail on Trump all over my social media accounts every day despite only having a total of about four upvotes or less every time I do it! Yes, I just railed this morning and last night too, and I intend to rail again. I bang out roaring ripostes on Yahoo comments message boards which garner three thumbs ups on a good day. I type my two cents on Disqus' in fleeting attempts at internet infamy which end in ultimate failure.  I snarl my snark and spit my smarm and whistle my anti-Dixie every chance I get to no real avail.

It's typing, sure… but it's not writing.

Honestly, it's killing my productivity, this obsession with the direction of the country. But someone has to take out the trash. As an American and an erstwhile patriot, startlingly, I've volunteered. Sure, I may be thrown in the gulag. Targeted. Harassed. And that might just be from my own family!

And sure, I know no one is even going to read this. It's old already even before this ink is dry; others have said it better. I'm not even being cute this time (though I can hardly help it). I admit that this is not even worth the paper it's probably not printed on to most people in the world. It's Weimar Republic money, a currency that no one takes for something of actual value.

Yet I soldier on, a boat person in his own country beating against the tides that come in at night from the cold Midwest and humid South.

I do it because --in a weird way-- I understand Donald. I confess:

I'm an asshole too.

I admit it. He's a lot like me, perhaps more than I'd like to confirm here, and not just because I also have a luxurious full head of hair and cheat at golf.  I'm also subject to rages, hot flashes, rash decisions, egomania, a poor diet and almost no exercise. 

Yes, like me, Donald Trump suffers from Male Menopause.

And so do most Republicans. It's like hardening of the arteries, but in the soul. It often comes with age and too many fatty foods and yeasty ales. So, regardless of what you think is the state of the nation and the role of government, certainly the vindictive idea of installing someone who is careless, inexperienced and mis-informed in the White House wasn't and still isn't the best way to start a good conversation on shaking up the system in America. It was just the best those with male menopause could come up with.

In fact, let the record books show that generally Trump was despised by adult and child alike across the land, except for those who admired his crass displays of wealth on TV or who subscribed to beliefs based on prejudice instead of fact, or who thought of him as a useful idiot. 

And of course his approval numbers have just gone down more since then, like a man falling down an elevator shaft because --due to hubris-- he forces the doors open too early.

On the other hand, you have to admire how politically active conservative radicals become when they start to get the Republican policy hot-flashes. I mean, despite being smaller in number, they really get out to the polls and also have all day to post remarks on the internet defending Trump for free (or at least pay the bots to do so). They seem to channel their rage into getting people to vote to tilt their districts towards the GOP. 


Well, that and they seem to be the sole supporters of the testosterone supplement, survival gear and numismatics industries. They're rabid in that way, like animals bit with a bug that hollows them out from the inside via the earworms of Fox News style propaganda and Brietbart style fake news websites.

I believe that is why the polls showed far less enthusiasm for The Donald in the public square vs the enthusiasm of the votes he garnered at the ballot box; even his followers were often ashamed to admit they supported him in public. This was both because they knew their beliefs were unpopular and because they knew their backwards ideas would engender a well-deserved backlash.

Well all politicians lie, but Republicans lie far more than others.


And yet, they just had to put their head down and push them through anyway in the dark of night. Amazingly, on top of it all they cry foul (!) if you suggest stopping them would be in the long term interests of the nation.

They are the paranoid and prejudiced. They are the product of Nixon's Southern Strategy and the Ailes, Rove, & Murdoch disinformation machines. They are devout religious fanatics and alt-bright all-night weak of might disinformation swallowers. They either profess bigotry or they fail to condemn it. Their tolerance of people extends only to those of their kind, but when liberal ask for tolerance they're snowflakes asking for safe spaces and going to hell for being weak and poor and gay.

Thus, all republicans are complicit. They tacitly permit and promote ignorance in their ranks at the worst, or at the best lack any kind of education to recognize they're being played. Hypnotized by propaganda, they reject anything which dun’t comport with what pa says the Bible say. And that leads to bad outcomes and really poor grammar, no matter if they mean it or not. Sadly, some of 'em even mean it.  Those are the ones who put Confederate flags bumper stickers on their trucks.

However, the good news is that the backlash which Republican serial mismanagement of government engenders every time is again leading to a generational shift towards progressive liberalism in America. 


Thus, no matter how bad it gets --bar the apocalypse, and that's off the table as the title of my book suggests-- it's simply time now (as they say) for another teaching opportunity.

To get more of that sweet sweet teaching, go to my Extablisment Site and order your copy of the book today.  Available in Hardcover, Softback, Mobi and Amazon Kindle formats!

Kevin Salveson is CEO of Extablisment Media, a Division of Salvus Corp. He is the author of Salvation Road as well as producer and performer of pop music juggernaut Salvotablets.

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