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Let's face it, I'm pretty funny. But who cares? Not you, nor anyone at all, if my Google Adsense report is any indicator. Still, here we are. I know you're weary, but we've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow? Let's spend the time together before it all falls apart sensibly chucking at Mr. Salve's searing wit and devil may care attitude, shall we?


January 2018

2nd: Everyone needs to prepare for ashes from the sky and boiling seas!

#SwearToSpaghetti!  (PS: Thanks to Koyanisquatsi for that phrase)

Orson Welles promised me it's going down like that.

3rd: Fuck Fox News.

4th: I solved the North Korea crisis for dumb Donnie.

5th: I provided some excellent inspiration from Kasey Casem about never giving up.

6th: Saved umpteen lives by suggesting conservatives not drink the Kool-aid.

Featured Posts

7th: Advised Dems on how to win elections and subtly condescend to Conservatives at the same time. What's great is that it is so subtle that most conservatives won't even notice we're actually mocking their idiotic fealty to a sky wizard!

8th: Randy Newman is funny. That is all.

9th: Reminded America that Tomi Lahren is a plastic bigot, but I guess I'd still sex her up.


10th: Reminded America that Sarah Huckabee Sanders can't see straight, can't stop lying, and may be driving America to murder.

Kevin J Salveson is the founder of Ideas Million Dollar.


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