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ABOUT Kevin Salveson & IdeasMillionDollar




Kevin James Salveson is an American author, musician, and former Wall Street stockbroker living in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.  He is CEO of Salvus Corp and President of Extablisment Media.


Previously a host for 88.9 KXLU-FM's political program Alternative Outlook in Los Angeles, Salveson was also featured as a guitarist in cripcore band The Undertoad.  Lighting the fuse for a creative explosion in the Pomona Arts Colony's early years, The Undertoad often played The Haven Coffeehouse and Gallery as well as shows across the Southern California region at venues such as The Music Machine, Rajis, Cal Poly Pomona, and The Claremont Colleges.


Salveson went on to teach at Beijing Astronautics University as well as form a rock band in Beijing, China in the mid-1990's with reknown artist FAZI from Yuan Ming Yuan. His work in China included consulting and training for the hosts of the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995.


After time at The Hollywood Reporter as a drama critic for Dramalogue, beginning in 1999 Salveson joined Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley (via Citi Smith Barney) as a stockbroker and later opened his own practice as a Portfolio Manager via Wells Fargo Advisors Finet. In 2014 he sold his practice to start Extablisment and IDM.  He is currently working on several novels and publishing his music via his website.


A native of Claremont, CA, Kevin Salveson enjoys parenting his twin daughters, coaching soccer, ripping on Republicans and gardening in his spare time.





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